Stephanie Izard | Veggie “Crouton” Salad

Eat The Change

Veggie “Crouton” Salad 
Time: 30 minutes  
Yield: 2 servings 


Veggie “Croutons” 
¼ c cornstarch  
¼ c rice flour, or any starch you own  
⅓ c + 1 ½ tbsp water 
½ c neutral oil for frying 
1 lbs eggplant, cubed 
1 c left over bits and ends of cruciferous vegetables or roasted vegetables 
¼ c tbsp This Little Goat Went To Tokyo 

¾ c seasoned rice vinegar 
¼ c water 
1 c thinly sliced vegetables (onions and chilis work well!) 

3 tbsp This Little Goat Went To Tokyo 
¼ c olive oil 
¼ c pickling liquid  

2 c leftover undressed salad greens  
1 c jasmine rice or any leftover grains, warmed 
2 tbsp fresh herbs on hand, roughly chopped 



Place thinly sliced vegetables in a heatproof bowl 
Heat seasoned rice vinegar and water to a simmer 
Pour over the vegetables and set aside 


Heat neutral oil in a heavy bottomed pan 
In a large bowl, mix cornstarch and rice flour with water until it reaches a glue like consistency  
Toss eggplant in batter until completely coated,  
Fry coated eggplant in heated oil until golden brown and crispy 
In remaining batter coat and fry any left over bits and ends of roasted vegetables 
Toss fried veggies with This Little Goat Went To Tokyo 


Layer salad rotating between greens, rice, pickles, and veggie “croutons” spooning hefty spoons of dressing over every layer sprinkling herbs on top 

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