Our organic mushroom jerky is a savory snack celebrating the incredible
variety of flavors and ingredients the earth has to offer. Nutrient dense and
planet friendly with 150 calories or less per bag, let's change it up.

glutenFree nonGmo paleo soyFree USDA



Chef-Crafted Approach

  • bullet Create a snacking experience that is memorable and craveable
  • bullet Design unique flavor profiles to best showcase each ingredient
  • bullet Cultivate personal relationships with farmers to drive inspiration
  • bullet Leverage culinary expertise to ensure depth of flavor, color, and texture
  • bullet Advocate for the planet and a better food system. Food should be a right not a privilege.

Planet-Based planet-w-heart Commitments

With our planet-based commitments, we're expanding the possibilities
of what a more sustainable food system could look like:

  • 01-plant-fungi
  • 02-organic
  • 05-recylable
  • 03-support-biodiversity

    As part of our commitment to supporting
    biodiversity, we avoid the 6 biggest crops that
    represent more than half of all agricultural output:
    sugar, corn, rice, wheat, potatoes, and soy

  • 04-imperfect-produce

    Addressing food waste by upcycling imperfect
    produce and extending its shelf life